Our services

Collaborationz specializes in filling and packing (non-food) liquids, powders and grains. Apart from that, we offer marketing services like product design and promotional material. Our services are offered as a total package and separate as well. For more information, please read below.


Collaborationz is the filling and packaging specialist of (non-food) liquids, powders and grain. Due our team of experienced professionals we have mastered the whole process with ease. We use fully automatic, semi-automatic and even manual processes for the type of product that needs a little more personal attention. When it comes to the fill and packaging process, we only see challenges and think in solutions.

Sizes & volumes
We start with sizes from 50ml up to 20L (bottles, pots & jerry cans). However, other options can be discussed if your product has a different size. Collaborationz processes volumes starting from one bottle (e.g. samples, prototypes) to as many as you need! Please do take in consideration a realistic timeframe towards the deadline, which is always determined by agreement.

Quality is not an act, it is a habit.
During the filling and packaging process we make sure your product is handled carefully and that the process runs as accurate, efficient and a fast a possible, making sure that your product is handled carefully. During filling and packaging products we always do multiple quality checks. We keep doing this until the moment the goods leave our property, in order to guarantee the quality that we promise.

Did you place an order, but are you out of space? No problem, we can offer temporary storage as well. After an order is completed, we storage your product until you have room for it. At Collaborationz the possibilities are endless.

Private label & Marketing

Create together with our marketing department. No matter what industry you specialize in or what kind of product you have, we can give you a competitive edge with a unique product design. Our designers can realize about everything for you, whether it’s a label, packaging or additional promotional material. With your wishes and our design eye combined we create your perfect product together.  

Trust the process
Do you already have a clear concept or just some brief ideas? No problem, we design or realize a variation of concepts for you. In case you have no idea what to do or when you have too many ideas, we brainstorm together with you to give you clarity. After the first consult the design process starts. Based on your wishes we start designing different concepts. After that, these will be presented to you during a feedback session. You can choose a concept for further development, but if you’re not fully satisfied? Not a problem, based on your feedback we will come up with a new proposal.

A total package
Do you already have a product design? But do you want to strengthen the image of your product, brand or business? We design additional promotional material as well. Think of; flyers, (web)banners, advertisements, logos, product displays, flags, social media content, business cards, etc.

For more information about our services, do you have a question or another request?
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