Collaborationz is a filling company specialized in filling and packaging (non-food) liquids, powders, and grains. Apart from that, we offer different marketing and design services. On September 1st 2019 we opened our doors, which makes us one of the latest newcomers in the filling/packaging sector. Although, we are a young company, this isn’t the case with the team. Our director Anja Sluijter composed a team of experienced professionals to make a success of Collaborationz.

Collaborationz works with a small and close-knit team with years of experience in the production, filling and packaging industry. Because of that experience there isn’t a challenge or obstacle that we can’t handle. We refuse to think in problems, but we rather see them as challenges.

Even though we aren’t a family business, our team does function like a family. This can be seen in the pleasant and informal atmosphere within the company. Just like a family, every person is of great worth and important to us, so we can function as one.  That’s why we believe there isn’t anything more important than a good collaboration. Our work relations are based on transparency, trust and loyalty. Therefore, the team communicates in an open and honest way. This way we can always rely on each other. With this in mind, we are convinced that with our norms and values, the smallest teams can handle the biggest challenges.

We treat our clients and partners with those same core values. An open, honest and transparent communication for whomever is in contact with Collaborationz. After all, you place your trust in us to work with your product. Therefore, we always work as accurate, diligent and efficient as possible to deliver you a final product according to your wishes. In order to earn your loyalty. The best collaborations are based on transparency, trust and loyalty, which always delivers the best end results.

You can ask us almost everything, we will always respond with an honest answer/advice. Whether an order is large or small, you may always expect quality and flexibility from us. The possibilities are endless at Collaborationz.

Opslag flessen

“The best collaborations are based on transparency, trust and loyalty, which always delivers the best end results”

Our mission

Collaborationz strives to deliver a total package, taken care of to the very last detail. From purchasing the needed products to filling the bottle. From product design to additional promotional material and preparing it for transport or storage. A small organization with large ambitions that values transparency, trust and loyalty the most, always doing our utmost to fulfill your wishes.


Collaborationz built a large network with external partners, such as printers and suppliers. This way we always have a sector professional close by, which can provide us the needed solutions for that one time we don’t have one ourselves.


Our responsibility stops when your order is fully complete, checked and ready for transport. We don’t work with a 9 to 5 mindset, but we do carry the end responsibility for your order.

Our collaborations

With pride we present our collaborations.
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