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Are you searching for a new partner in your supply chain? Do you want to collaborate regarding filling, packaging or do you need a design? Great, search no more! Give us a call, send an e-mail or make an appointment to have a seat with us.

Did we leave a good first impression? Would you like some more information or do you have another request? We’re happy to plan a follow up appointment with you. We would love to have chat over a cup of coffee or tea.

Pay a visit, so you can see our work process as well. Do you already have an existing product? Please, do bring it with you. At the moment all matters are clear, we are able to write a proper proposal. 



Huisbergenweg 5-7
5249 JR Rosmalen
The Netherlands


Telephone +31 (0)73 205 49 00
Email: sales@collaborationz.com


Monday till Friday 
08:00 – 17:00